Friday, January 7, 2011

Who is Faisal Aden?

Faisal Aden

If Klay Thompson is the Cougars version of Batman, Faisal Aden has definitely been his Robin in the 2010-11 season!

Hillsbrough Junior College in Tampa, FL - During his sophomore campaign, Aden averaged 23 points per game and led his team to the Suncoast Conference Championship.

Well-traveled Aden:

- Born in the Republic of Somalia in 1989

- When he was around seven years old moved to San Diego, CA

- Bowie High School in Arlington, TX
- After two seasons at Bowie, Aden moved to God’s Academy in Dallas, TX

- 2 years at Hillsbrough Junior College in Tampa, FL

- Present: Washington State University

Time at God’s Academy marked by turmoil, Why the JC route?, Why not Div. I?

Aden’s game reached new heights, which resulted in scholarship offers from upper level Division-I schools including USC, California and Texas A&M. However, Aden battled adversity once again when God’s Academy went under investigation by the NCAA, resulting in Aden’s scholarship offers being pulled off the table.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wazzu Baseball on the National Scene

By Chris Boyd

College baseball is tough to follow. It rarely makes national news and something about it, just doesn't catch on. College basketball and college football = loved by so many. College baseball = followed by so few.

But I can tell you one thing, Pac-10 baseball is damn good. Did you know ASU was ranked #1 in the country? AND did you know that #1 team was recently in Pullman and lost two of three? That was the FIRST time in WSU history they took a SERIES from the Sun Devils. WOW. The thing is, WSU baseball has had a greater tradition of winning over any other WSU athletic program. Google: Bobo Brayton and that will show you the Cougs were very dominant once upon a time.

The Cougs made the 2009 NCAA tournament and are bound and determined to get after it again.

Did you know the Cougs are currently ranked #28 in the country? With 17 wins (as of 4.16.10), they have the fewest wins of any ranked team; a testament to their tough non-conference schedule/2 wins over #1 ASU.


And just remember, just because the big sports shows out there spurn college baseball, it doesn't mean good ball isn't being played!

Pacific-10 Conference

Conference Standings

STANDINGS Pac-10 Win Pac-10 Loss Pac-10 % Games Back Overall Win Overall Loss Overall % Last 10 Streak Next Game
Arizona State 7 3 0.700 -- 29 3 0.906 7-3 W-1 Southern California (4/17)
California 6 4 0.600 1 20 11 0.645 8-2 L-1 Washington (4/17)
UCLA 4 3 0.571 1.5 26 4 0.867 6-4 L-1 Oregon (4/17)
Washington 4 3 0.571 1.5 19 13 0.594 7-3 W-2 at California (4/17)
Arizona 5 5 0.500 2 24 9 0.727 5-5 W-3 Washington State (4/17)
Oregon 5 5 0.500 2 22 11 0.667 5-5 W-1 at UCLA (4/17)
Stanford 5 5 0.500 2 16 13 0.552 4-6 W-3 at Oregon State (4/17)
Oregon State 3 4 0.429 2.5 20 9 0.690 4-6 L-3 Stanford (4/17)
Washington State 3 4 0.429 2.5 19 12 0.613 5-5 L-1 at Arizona (4/17)
Southern California 2 8 0.200 5 15 18 0.455 3-7 L-4 at Arizona State (4/17)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cougs Get Season Sweep Over USC 51-47!

By Chris Boyd

On a day when your best player shoots 0-12 FG, 0-3 3PT, and only makes 2 of his 5 free throw attempts, the end result is simple: you lose. But you know what... that wasn't the case in Pullman this afternoon! Klay Thompson had his worst game of his 2-year collegiate career and the Cougs still found a way to win an ugly one.

The Cougs led by 4 with a 23-19 lead at halftime. From what I gathered (listening on the radio to most of it), the poor shooting started from the beginning and remained that way. Wazzu finished 19 of 50 (.380) on field goals while USC could only muster 17 of 44 (.386). At times the Cougs could have really opened the gap early in the second half with leads hovering around 10, but the offense just wasn't there. Missing 10 free throws never helps either (14 of 24) including misses on 3 of 4 attempts in the final 11.9 seconds.


DeAngelo Casto added 11 points, seven rebounds and three blocked shots for the Cougars (16-11, 6-9 Pac-10). Abe Lodwick, making his first start since Jan. 23, also scored 11 points.

But a win is a win, and they needed this one BADLY. They had lost 6 of 7 and were coming off of one of their worst defensive efforts of the season. And after 15 turnovers, your star player unable to do anything, and bad free throw shooting, the Cougs get the victory. I like it! It's good to win an ugly one every now and then, isn't it?

Believe it or not folks, but only 3 Pac-10 games remain until the Pac-10 tournament in March. Barring an NIT birth with a home game, your last chance to see Nik Koprivica will be a week from today when UW comes to Pullman for the home finale. The team then heads to OSU and Oregon. If, and that's a big if, they can knock off UW, I could see them hitting the road and sweeping the Oregon schools (the Ducks owe us one!). That would mean a 4-game winning streak heading into the tournament where in a season such as this, anything is possible from the Pac-10 schools.

We now have a full week to rest and prepare for a team we could only play with for 20 minutes earlier this season. Obviously I expect a way better effort this time around and hope the team can play 40. The last time we played the Dawgs we had a full week off too, and looked as if they fell asleep at halftime. Reverse that and "give em what for".

Should be fun. Go Cougs!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Cougars & Boise State To Play Football!

Cougars Add Boise State to Football Schedule for 2016 and 2017

Last meeting between the schools came during the 2001 season

Boise State Baby Pictures, Images and Photos

(Courtesy of
Feb. 19, 2010

PULLMAN, Wash. - Washington State University and Boise State University will play a home-and-home football series beginning in 2016, it was announced by both schools Friday.

The first meeting of the two-game series is scheduled for Sept. 10, 2016 at Boise State with the venue shifting to Martin Stadium for a Sept. 9, 2017 contest.

"This is a series that football fans throughout the Pacific Northwest have wanted to see renewed," said WSU Interim Director of Athletics Anne McCoy. "It is our continuing goal to play quality nonconference opponents that our fans want to see and Boise State's past success makes it an ideal opponent for a home-and-home series."

The Cougars hold a 4-0 series advantage over the Broncos, with all games coming during the 1997 -2001 seasons. The last meeting resulted in a 41-20 victory by WSU, Sept. 8, 2001 at Boise.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cougs fall to UCLA 71-51

By Chris Boyd

History can be a great thing, as well as something awful. The Cougs hit the hardwood tonight hoping to end the bad kind. They couldn't. The last time the UCLA Bruins lost in Pullman, was February 6th, 1993. I was 9 years old. Wow.

History repeated itself tonight. The UCLA Bruins, outscored, outplayed and outhustled the Cougs. This game was more or less decided after the first 5 minutes of the game. I saw UCLA dishout very similar beatdowns while attending Wazzu. This looked the same, it felt the same, the outcome was the same. But this game was suppose to be different. UCLA is having a "down year" and the Cougs were a 5-point favorite at home. Coming off of back-to-back poorly played 2nd half games, they were suppose to right the ship. They couldn't. When UCLA shoots better than 70% against you for most of the game, on your home floor, it's a joke.
UCLA Pictures, Images and Photos

I think the Stanford & Cal losses absolutely decimated this team mentally. To be ahead in the 2nd half of both games and to collapse they way they did, it really had to mess with these kids' heads. Obviously they don't believe in themselves anymore. Defensively they're completely out of sync, allowing easy baskets on pick & rolls, not defending the 3 at all. Yes, UCLA's shooting was out-of-this-world, but WSU's defense has been pathetic.

Reggie Moore led the team with 11 points (thanks large in part to 5 of 6 FT). Klay Thompson was 2 for 9 shooting with only 8 points.

This season appeared to pretty special before Pac-10 season started and since the blowout loss at ASU in January, this team has lost it. However you want to describe just what "it" is, it's not there. The excuse of being "young and inexperienced" only goes so far in my book. That may have been an excuse in November, but they went up to Alaska and won the Great Alaska Shootout. This team has gotten worse, not better.

Maybe they get their things together by the time March rolls around and makes a run at the Pac-10 tournament, but if this current style of play keeps up, they won't make it past Round 1.

Good night Cougs.